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I've been painting for about seven years so you will be able to see my journey and obsessions. I paint in two different styles. Wander around and see which one you like the best. If you want to know more about my process and what I'm currently working on in my studio, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

Grandest Dream

I chose this painting for my home page because it's my husband's very favorite. Painted in my journaling style, it's free and impulsive. Like most of my work, a deeper meaning comes much later. The Grandest Dream is the dream you haven't imagined yet. You can't even get there unless you have practical dreams and big dreams. Practical Dreams are the ones within grasp, the ones you have an abundance of confidence for. You're almost there, no problem. Big Dreams have craziness to them, like selling everything and driving south in a Volkswagen camper with paints and dog and husband. The Big Dream will lead to the Grandest Dream, the one not even imagined yet that will arrive like magic.

All of these paintings and this beautiful website are my Grandest Dream. Seven years ago this was not even a small glimmer. Thank you for visiting. Live all your dreams, practical, big and grand!

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